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Penis Enhancement Pictures - How to Assess Real Ones From the Many Scams Now Online

Penis Enhancement Pictures - How to Assess Real Ones From the Many Scams Now Online
By John Cartright
Are you looking for a penis enhancement method that truly works? Then you must have searched different engines that have given you a variety of methods. You must also be confused, with the variety of opinions given left and right. Not all of them can be trusted, and in the end, you must trust your good judgment in choosing the best enhancement method for your dream penis.

In the end, you must also look at proof of the different penis enhancement methods. Look for penis enhancement pictures to verify what these methods actually working. There are different ways to look at a picture and tell that the method indeed works and the photos are authentic.

1. Thickness of the Penis

Is the penis in the photo thicker after than it was before? The last thing you want is to have a longer penis, but a much thinner one. This will decrease the sense of pleasure that your woman will be getting.

2. Length of the Penis

Of course, you must always assess if the penis is in fact longer than it was before. There's no use taking an enhancement method that only elongates the penis a few centimeters. What you want is the one that will give you the length you want.

3. Authenticity of the Penis Photos

Lastly, make sure that you are always on guard about the authenticity of photos. Photos can easily be adjusted now with the many photo editing software in the market. However, you can easily spot the errors of the photo. Also make sure that there are multiple angles of the same penis to verify the authenticity.

If you are to buy enlargement pills, make sure that you make a good choice. Look at the photos, and verify their claims.

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? The Truth Exposed (It Might Not Be What You Think!)

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? The Truth Exposed (It Might Not Be What You Think!)
By Cian Mackie
So you want a bigger penis but you're not sure what your options are? You're not alone - penis size is an almost universal issue for men, and very few are 100% satisfied with what they've got. Years ago, you had to learn to live with it, and in extreme cases some men decided on surgery. However these days penis enlargement is a lot easier, and a whole lot less painful! In fact there are completely natural methods of male enhancement - some which work very well indeed. This article will look at the question 'do penis enlargement pills really work?'

You've probably received some of the spam in your email inbox for 'male enhancement' products - even my girlfriend gets these random emails! These are definitely scams. No legitimate penis enlargement product would advertise (or allow their affiliates to advertise) in this manner.

The truth is, that there are a number of penis enlargement pills that actually do work, and many of them consist 100% of natural herbal ingredients. You may think what use are herbs, however some of them are actually very powerful and many have been used for thousands of years. Not only do these herbs work in the area of enlargement, but they also increase libido and erectile function.

Most pills take about 6-9 months for optimum results, although you should start noticing some slight changes after just a week or two e.g. longer lasting erections.

The best way to find a product that really works is to look out for customer feedback, reviews and testimonials. Choose a product that is natural, and one with a money back guarantee. There are really very few penis enlargement pills on the market that can increase your penis size by serious inches, however if you check out the links below you'll find one that comes highly recommended.

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Free Exercise To Enlarge Your Penis - Exercise To Make Your Penis Bigger

Free Exercise To Enlarge Your Penis - Exercise To Make Your Penis Bigger
By Karin I Manning

There are a number of free exercises to enlarge and make your penis bigger. This article will discuss some of the best ways to enlarge your penis with free penis enlargement exercises.

Before I get started it's important to bear in mind that you shouldn't perform these exercises daily as your penis needs a rest from exercises every now and then. You will find that if you use these exercises every day that you will be doing more harm than good and it will ultimately hurt your chances of enlarging your penis. So as keen as you may be to start these exercises I would highly recommend that you slow down at first and set a timetable for when you will do these exercises and stick to it.

The first exercise to enlarge your penis is called the PC flex. It is a very effective exercise as exercising this muscle will give you very strong erections. As with women who are going through pregnancy, the PC muscle is the muscle that controls when you urinate and when you can stop urinating. The key here is making your PC muscle stronger and you can perform this exercise virtually anywhere. Initially only perform these exercises for five minutes at a go and then gradually increase it to up to 30 minutes at a time and leave it at that time limit. When you squeeze your PC muscle you will feel the muscle around your anus working also. What this will do is increase the blood flow to the penis which ultimately will increase your penis width. This is an ideal exercise to start with, however, to increase the amount of blood going to more parts of your penis you should do more.

This next exercise involves grabbing your penis head with the grip of an okay symbol by making the shape of the letter O with your index finger and your thumb. Stretch your penis in front and hold it in that stretch for around 10-15 seconds. After you have done that gently massage your penis. Now continue to stretch and hold the penis for around 10-15 seconds in up, left, right, straight and down directions. Be sure to massage between each repetition. If you have trouble keeping a grip I recommend using tissue or toilet paper. Be sure not to stretch your penis too far, this exercise should not be painful.

The jelq exercises requires some form of lubrication. Baby oil is recommended and is easily within anyone's budget. It is important to perform your penis stretching exercises before you do exercises to widen your penis as it is easier to get a hold of your penis. For this exercise get aroused to around 80 percent firmness. Then once again use an okay grip starting at the base of your penis and moving up to the head. When you are doing this focus on pushing the blood up to your penis head. When you have reached the head, swap hands and continue doing about 25 of these jelqing exercises in the first seven days. Then add another 25 after every seven days. By around 2 months you will be doing 200 jelqs and leave it at that amount. As with every penis enlargement exercise, always be sure to gently massage your penis after each repetition.

It is absolutely critical that you perform a warm up and a warm down before and after your exercises by taking a warm towel and for 3 minutes wrapping it around your penis.

Of course, as with every exercise program, when you are performing any kind of exercise to make your penis bigger you need to be consistent and persistent. For more comprehensive information about other penis enlargement options check out the website below.

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Tips and Natural Strategies That Help You Do the Best For Penis Enlargement

Tips and Natural Strategies That Help You Do the Best For Penis Enlargement
By Thomas Goodman

Here are several natural strategies and tips that will help you to enlarge your penis, better and faster. Penis enlargement relate directly to general men's health. Some of these strategies are:


As you know, exercise is very good for your blood pressure, and overall health. It is not only necessary to maintain blood vessel health, but also the small blood vessels in the penis.

Decrease alcohol drinking

Alcohol drinking is a cause of cirrhosis, cancer, high blood pressure including sexual performance because alcohol intoxication can reduce men erections.

Stop smoking

Smoking is not only cause bad health but also sexual performance, including increasing the size of the penis because it destroys the blood vessels directly.

Avoid methods that may harm your penis

Currently, there are several methods to increase your penis size. Some methods may affect your penis in the long term. You should to avoid them. Here are some of them.

* Pumps: many people use this device and then it returns a good result, but in the long term it may negatively impact the flow of blood of your penis and may damage the penis.
* Creams: Cream may cause temperature changing of your penis blood flow and in the long term it may affect the election of the penis.
* Pills: using drugs to increase the size of the penis, may have harmful side effects.
* Silicone injections: injection of silicone into the penis is very dangerous, if using an incorrect method because silicone liquid may destroy the blood flow and muscle of penis.

From the message above, blood flow is an important to increase the size of your penis. So the right method of blood flow stimulation to be a good way to enlarge your penis faster and more secure. Currently, the natural enlargement method is good and safe way is "penis exercise".

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Is Penis Enlargement Naturally Possible and Safe?

Is Penis Enlargement Naturally Possible and Safe?
By Thomas Goodman

Penis enlargement naturally is something that most men would kill for. Natural is a key word here, because although there could probably be a pharmaceutical way of penis enlargement if proper research was done, most men have to be careful of what kind of side effects of a pharmaceutical drug that designed to affect the genitals would have. The other way to enlargement naturally is surgery, though after learning even some information of these procedures only the most desperate or stupid would still be interested.

The good news is that the natural penis enlargement is possible, so it is not necessary to risk your health trying more serious methods. There are various herbs found in nature that can raise testosterone levels and blood flow. Why do the blood flow is a main key for natural enlargement? No doubt you've heard this discuss about if you have ever seen an enlargement naturally before, and it plays an important role for two reasons.

First reason, to state it as easily as possible, is that when the penile is erecting it gets bigger and harder because it is filled with blood. There is a sponge like tissue inside the penis that absorbs the extra blood and hardens and enhances. Improve blood flow to the penis means there will be more blood, often to the point of saturation, and the penis will become much more bigger and stronger. Natural enlargement will start out being prominent when elect, but through stretching the skin and other tissues past general size finally it will expand to adapt to this pressure. In this method, natural enlargement could be permanent enlargement.

Second reason that blood flow is very relevant is that you need to have good energy and stamina to do well. Having high levels of nitric oxide in your blood (which most enlargement and enhancement naturally supplements offer) gives a fast of energy and makes better focus. Specifically in the penis, strong and healthy blood flow is very necessary to keep an erection. A missing of it causes erectile dysfunction.

Other than supplements there are "exercises" for natural enlargement as well as equipment. The success rate of these is hotly disputed. If you decide to go down this way of enlargement naturally, it is a main key to keep your safety in mind, as injuries have been reported.

So there you have it, there is not necessary to think about surgery or any other dangerous methods when effective natural male enhancement is available. Since the ingredients of almost supplement are natural, side effects are rare and usually mild. However, men with a history of blood pressure or heart problems should consult with a doctor first because natural enlargement supplements work by rising blood flow.

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